Patience for Nicholas: Shirley Hanneman

Kindermusik with Love Studios

Nicholas was just 2 years old when he came to class for the first time. He kept repeating “go home” in a defiant tone of voice. Mom had to keep blocking his path to the door. Nicholas had to be removed from class by his mother several times. This scenario repeated itself for several more classes. I reassured his mother that he was just fine, he didn’t bother me, and that things would get better. Fortunately, she stuck with the class and played the audio often at home. By the end of the semester he was having fun, was a much calmer child and was sharing and interacting with everyone. I received a Christmas card from them with a message that brought tears to my eyes- “Thank you for your patience with Nicholas. Kindermusik has changed his life!” In the next class, Nicholas started singing in class and sings constantly at home. I am so pleased to be able to reach children and change lives with Kindermusik.

-Shared by a Kindermusik educator from around the world